The First Chakra's color is Red

The First Chakra's color is Red

The Second  Chakra's color is orange

The Second  Chakra's color is orange

The Third Chakra's color is yellow

The Third Chakra's color is yellow

The Fourth Chakrah's color is Green

The Fourth Chakrah's color is Green

The Fifth Chakra is sky blue

The Fifth Chakra is sky blue

The Sixth Chakra's color is indigo or dark night blue

The Sixth Chakra's color is indigo or dark night blue

The Seventh Chakra's color is Violet

The Seventh Chakra's color is Violet

We are all born with one of nature’s most powerful gifts; we have the ability to move and sense subtle energy and connect with its source. ~ Deborah King

Most of us have no idea that we all have this ability.  We must learn to turn off  our auto pilot mode; that up in your head all day living, in order to connect with this energy. Yet, through pure grace we have the power to heal embedded into our very cells! This subtle life force energy is ingeniously not so subtle. Everything is energy! Our own energy has even been measured around 2.5 GHz and research has shown that number escalates dramatically during a hands near healing by a trained healer. By working with our energy we are able to heal our physical and emotional health and with clarity, connect with our soul’s greatest purpose . Sounds good right?

Chakras play a major role in managing our energetic systems as they are the swirling power houses of bio energetic technology!  

 What are Chakras?

 Chakras play a vital role in the distribution and balance of energy in our energy system.  Chakra is the Sanskrit word that literally translates to wheel or disk.  Anodea Judith explores the Chakra System ingeniously and its link to our psychology and biology in her book, Eastern Body Western Mind.  Chakras are known as the “computers” of our entire system that process, store and regulate our whole being from our emotions, to our organs to our entire immune system and glandular system.  We have seven major Chakras. Swirling as wheels of energy, they are vertically in alignment with the spine. Each of the chakras are constantly changing, each one working as a vortex highly attuned to collecting vibrational information from our environment and maintaining our vital flow of life force energy.

 Our "environment" includes both our internal experiences such as physical, emotional, mental and spiritual (connection to self and the universe) as well as the  external experiences which occur in our life or with other people. Not only do our chakras absorb the energy vibrations of other people (think sudden ‘soulmate’ ), they may also absorb their expressed beliefs, thoughts and intentions. When we unconsciously adopt beliefs from family, friends and coworkers (even the stranger at the grocery store!) our chakras can absorb that vibrational energy and in turn change how efficient the corresponding chakra works to manage our flow.

 Old emotional blocks are the major underlying causes of most of the physical illnesses we experience.  

Old experiences form deep belief patterns about our selves and the world. Our history of how we feel and how we express emotions plays a role in our physical health. In fact, all physical illness and injury have a corresponding emotional root. Louise Hay has sold millions of copies of her book internationally,  You Can Heal Life, which includes a thorough chart connecting physical pain and emotion. 

The emotional beliefs we hold on to as truths through out life pool in these energy centers and can create blocks that inhibit the flow of our life force energy. These blockages can show up  as physical illness and spiritual disconnection.  Again, most all physical illnesses have a corresponding emotional root. Something goes wrong, we experience grief, fear or shame (for example) and there is a cascade of events in our physical and energy bodies which impact us on a cellular level.  

 Great! So now you know that you must be all blocked up and perhaps thinking of a hundred things that have gone wrong in your life just since breakfast!

Now, thank your brain for that thought and take deep breaths unplug from those fears that do not serve you! Holding on to them is what got us all in this mess in the first place! 

 Okay, humor aside our energy system are an important part of the beautiful unfolding of what and who we are. Yes, it can seem a bit different or even strange for those just being introduced to this information.  Likely, if your reading this you’ve been called to have a deeper understanding perhaps to begin healing yourself or someone you love.  I have compiled here a brief overview of each chakra and included the general information.  If you are interested in learning more about our chakra system I also recommend Rhys Thomas from the Rhys Thomas Institute as his knowledge and application of the chakras is quite inspiring! You can check out his website here...

Introducing The Chakras

      **Some of the information found below has been adapted from one of my favorite books, Easter Body, Western Mind: Psychology and the Chakra System As a Path to the Self by Anadea Judith

  Chakra one or Root Chakra   The foundation of the chakra system.

   Location- base of the spine

  •  Sanskrit name is Muladhara, which means root support.
  • Developmental stage 2nd Trimester and 12 months
  •  Stores our beliefs and vows about survival,security, belonging, stability, safety, money.  This chakra is effected by  our material needs being met (food, water and shelter) and our right to stand up for ourselves and our right to provide for ourselves and our family and healthy trusting relationships. How are your finances? How much do you trust that  you are provided what you need in life? Do you  feel like you are always living with scarcity? How about the opposite, are you driven by money and things and disconnected from authentic  trusting relationships?
  •  Physical connection to our spinal column, bones, rectum, feet, legs, immune system.  
  •  Blocks in this chakra may appear as excessive or deficient. They may be expressed as issues related to weight/eating disorders (being underweight or overweight) or disconnection from our bodies, financial issues or superficial  obsession with material things, greed and hoarding.  Also, poor boundaries or rigid boundaries, Spinal issues, bone disorders, Problems with feet or legs and Rectal or colon cancer, Adrenal fatigue (too much stress/fight or flight state)

   Chakra Two or Sacral Chakra

   Location The Sacral area

  • Sanskrit name is Svadisthana
  • Developmental stage is 6months to 2 years

  •  Stores our beliefs and vows about emotions, sensuality and creativity. This chakra is effected by our emotional needs being met and the acceptance or demonizing of pleasure and play. How much passion and play do you allow in your life? Do you feel joy, sensuality and show up vulnerability and all in relationships? Do you feel the spark of desire to grow and create?  Or do you feel stuck, rigid and a difficulty letting go and being free to "dance with life"?  
  •  Physical connection is to our kidneys, urinary system, lower abdomen, circulatory system, bladder and your reproductive organs and glands,
  • Blocks in this area may appear as excessive or deficient. They may be expressed as issues related to sexuality; frigidity or addiction, Lack of desire or passion or ruled by intense excessive emotions (think crisis magnets or those who could use the comfort of emotional containment.) Rigidity due to beliefs and attitudes based on fear.  Knee trouble, low back pain, menstrual issues, Colitis, Chrohn's diseae inflammatory bowel disease are all associated with 2nd chakra. In women: fibroids, endometriosis, pelvic inflammatory disease, menstrual dysfunction, ovarian cysts or cancer. In Men, prostate problems. Bladder and/or urinary problems.

  Chackra Three or Solar Plexis Chakra  

   Location- abdomen

  •  Sanskrit name Manipura
  • Developmental stage 18months to 4 years
  • Stores our beliefs and vows about our personal power, ability to achieve and our self esteem. How do you hold power? Are you seeking power over others or an em-powering experience?  Do you accept who you are as you are without disclaimers? Are you able to set goals that serve your greatest good and follow through on them? Or do you find you consciously or  unconsiously sabotage the goals you set for yourself?
  •   Physical connection is to our digestive system, muscles, pancreas and adrenals
  • Blocks in this chakra may appear as excessive or deficient; Low self esteem and poor self discipline, low energy, Victim mentality- blaming of others, passive. Physical issues may be problems with pancreas such as diabetes and hypoglycemia, digestive issues such as gastric and duodenal ulcers, liver problems, Gall stones, problems with the spleen.

  Chakra Four or Heart Chakra

   Location - the heart

  • Sanskrit name is Anahata
  • Developmental stage 4 to 7 years
  •  Stores our beliefs and vows about love, self love, relationships, rejection and intimacy and balance. Our ability to hold compassion and forgiveness for ourselves and others. 
  •   Physical connection is to our lungs, heart, arms hands and thymus gland
  •  Blocks in this chakra may appear excessive or deficient; Antisocial or codependent, critical or clinging , fear of intimacy, lack of empathy, poor boundaries, jealousy, grief and narcisism. Physical issues may be disorders of the  heart (or chest pain), thymus, breast, Lungs (pneumonia, bronchitis,asthma, emphysema included) and shoulder, arm or hand issues)

  Chakra Five or Throat Chakra

   Location- the throat

  • Sanskrit name Vissudha
  • Developmental Stage 7-12 years
  •  Stores our beliefs and vows about self expression and communicating and our ability to be heard. Our ability to express our selves truthfully in a way that serves us fed by the energy of our ability to trust, our passion, our self esteem and compassion from the chakras below. Are you able to express yourself clearly and directly. Or do you find that you tend to use more words than necessary..." beat around the bush" .  Do you feel you do speak up but it seems people don't hear or listen to you. Perhaps, there are things you just can't talk about or say out loud.    
  • Physical connection is to your arms, hands, neck, ears,shoulders, thyroid and parathyroid glands
  • Blocks in this chakra my appear as excessive or deficient; difficulty putting feelings into words or shyness, intro version, poor rhythm, fear of speaking or weak voice.  Also, talking excessively, inability to listen, poor auditory comprehension, frequent interrupting. TMJ disorder, Swollen glands, neck issues,Thyroid cancer hypo- hyper thyroid, Hashimoto's, and Grave's Disease. Chronic sinus issues and disorders of the throat, voice, mouth and teeth.

 Chakra Six or Third Eye Chakra  

  Location- the center forehead

  • Sanskrit name is Ajna
  • Developmental stage is Adolescence
  • Stores our beliefs and vows about our insight, intellect, intuition, self evaluation and wisdom and clairvoyance. Also known as our third eye,  
  •  Physical Connection is to our pituitary gland, Hypothalamus (governing the autonomic nervous system), eyes and brain and pineal gland
  • Blocks in this chakra may appear as Headaches, vision problems, (bad eyesight- glaucoma, cateracts for example) indecision, poor memory, lack of imagination, inability to concentrate, difficulty visualizing, "black and white" thinking- all wrong or all right or "all or nothing" thinking. Also, excessive energy can lead to hallucinations, delusions, and obsessions. 


 Chakra Seven or Crown Chakra

  Location - above the head

  • Sanskrit name is Sahasrara
  • Developmental stage is Early adulthood and beyond
  •  Stores our beliefs and vows about our higher power, meaning and purpose, and understanding of connection to our spiritual self and inner wisdom
  • Physical connection with the pineal gland, pituitary gland, central nervous system and the cerebral cortex
  • Blocks in this chakra may appear spiritual cynicism or spiritual obsession, over  intellectualizing -anxiety, depression, Bipolar disorder, Learning difficulties (including Attention Deficit Disorder or Dyslexia), dissociation from your body, Migraines, amnesia (development of Alzheimers and Dementia), Mental health disorders such as schizophrenia or dissociative identity disorder.