Reiki Classes


Classes are offered  through out the year!  If you'd like to receive updates on future class offerings sign up below  and you will be kept informed on all offerings at Sage and Stone.


Reiki Attunements

There are typically three levels (degrees ) of Reiki.  In all levels of Reiki, individuals receive attunements as well as learn the sacred Reiki symbols that set Reiki apart from all other healing modalites.  Attunements are given by a Reiki Master and open up the energy channels (clearing blocks) connecting students to the source of Reiki.  After Attunements are given, students are forever able to access this energy (entering through the crown of the head, down through the heart and settling in the hands).  





Reiki I & Reiki II Classes  


Reiki I

Tuesday April 2nd 630-9p

This Class is part of a Reiki I and II package so please plan to attend all dates for Reiki I and II.  Learn the subtle yet powerful art of Reiki.  This evening class will teach you what Reiki is and how it works.  Students will learn about working with and sensing energy and receive a Reiki I level attunement.   Self Healing is the first step in Reiki training and will be the focus of this class.  This is a basic level class that will be the foundation to learning Reiki II. While this first degree of Reiki is considered to cover basic ground in understanding what it is and how it works,  level one attunements are equally powerful.   

***Reiki I is packaged with Reiki II.  You must take both classes and a certificate of completion will be given at the end of class. 



reiki Ii  

Thursday April, 11th, 630p - 9p

Saturday April 27th, 9am-330pm

In this two part class, students will be taught the nuances of practicing Reiki on others and learning hand placement . The Second Degree or level two symbols will be taught.  Another signiture aspect of Reiki II is  learning how to do long distance healings. Students will receive Reiki II level attunements  which will deepen their connection to Reiki universal energy and expand their approach to healing self and others.

In addition, you will explore your intuitive self and identify your empathic skills and how you can use these gifts as a healer for yourself and others. We will explore our energetic boundaries and the roll they play on protecting us from absorbing the energies of others and keeping us healthy and grounded!  Meditations and exercises will be experienced to support students in creating their self care practice to be physically, emotionally and spiritually clear vessels for Reiki energy.  

There will be table time practice.   Please indicate if you have a table that you are able to bring to class when signing up!


Reiki III  Master Class  

$350   (payment plan available)

Coming in May…

Reiki Level III is a Master level Class.  This is the next step if you feel called to go deeper in this work. In this class, we will spend time tapping into our inner world of intuition and guidance.  Reiki level III  attunements also deepen and expand the healing work while a deeper understanding of the Chakra system will support students in truly expanding their knowledge and practice of healing.  This class supports self exploration through chakra work and journaling.  While not all Master level students go on to open a Reiki healing practice, this class does allow for you to explore the dynamics involved in creating a sound practice.

Master Level Reiki also includes instruction and practice of giving attunements.  This allows  you to give attunements during healings as well as an induction into all levels of Reiki as a teacher.  Master level practitioners will have an opportunity to assist in future classes and practice passing the sacred attunements.   

There will be a lot of table time practice.  Please indicate if you have a table you are able to bring  when signing up!