"My heartfelt goals are to bring acceptance, humor and knowledge to each meeting to embrace where you are at right now and help you cultivate the incredible strength, power and inner knowing you possess even during life's most difficult challenges."


Hello, I'm Michelle Poverman

As an experienced mindfulness based psychotherapist, I have found that the combination of energy medicine and psychotherapy can be quite powerful. Of course, each individual comes to the practice on their own journey with their unique experiences and this will dictate how our work together unfolds. I am confident that you will feel a shift in consciousness ( a calm and contemplative mind) a change in your physical body (grounded, greater sensory awareness, less anxiety) as well as a new perspective and tools to create the changes that are most important to you.

Energy therapy is a holistic or alternative approach to healing for so many of the issues we face. It not only positively impacts your nervous system allowing for a deeper sense of calm but also awakens us to a shift in consciousness necessary for authentic meaningful change.


Are you struggling with issues related to your physical health? Perhaps you are struggling with a chronic illness thats been difficult to treat with traditional medicine alone?

Are you are feeling at a stuck point in your life, having difficulty with making changes or moving forward, perhaps struggling with depression or anxiety?

Do you find yourself in the "space between stories" in your life?  Perhaps recently divorced or just  finally ready to rediscover who you are again while entering a new stage of your life?

Have you found yourself in the midst of a spiritual awakening? Perhaps your intuition is increasing and your experience as an empath seems to be heightened?


As a mindfulness based psychotherapist I have worked successfully with issues related to:

  • Chronic pain/ illness and recovery

  • Grief and Loss

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Trauma

  • Sexual assault

  • Major life changes

  • Issues related to health, body love, nutrition and eating disorders

  • Attention, focus and performance for college students, athletes, as well as individuals who identify with the symptoms of ADHD.


through my training in energy medicine I have been able to help others to heal their lives on an even deeper level.

 My goal is to help individuals shut off their auto pilot buttons and grow more deeply connected to themselves.  It is disconnection, that is at the root of many of the issues we face.  We will release the stagnant emotional energetic blocks related to illness and disease and begin to finally change those old belief patterns that literally hold you back from fully being present

Some other things to consider....

Calling all  Empaths! Some individuals are more sensitive and can feel  overwhelmed and drained by others and the negative issues of the world at large. Being an empath is also an amazing gift when you learn how to create healthy boundaries so not to absorb the emotions and pain of everyone else! In fact, empaths are very intuitive, creative and perceive the emotions and even the motivations of other people. They are emotionally intelligent and have so much to offer with their intuitive knowledge.  They don't just see and hear people they feel them. They can also feel too much. Sometimes Empaths can seek out unhealthy alternative ways to cope with this.


It is also believed that empathic people tend to be more susceptible to chronic health issues such as Lyme Disease and Fibromyalgia.

 They  have a  weaker layer to their outer energy field. This enables them to absorb the experiences of others but also make them more vulnerable to invasive illnesses as well as anxiety and depression.  In our session, we can explore the tools to separate what belongs to you and what does not.  Learning this skill can be mind blowing for an Emapth.  Also learning the skills of releasing all the emotions and thoughts that are not serving you helps tremendously to cut the cord on anxiety and all its toxic biochemicals making space for greater health. 


Is it time to break up with your inner critic?    We all have an inner critic to some degree. What is your relationship with it like? Is it getting  in the way of letting go and being joyful, full of life and fun? For some, criticism and perfectionism show up in subtle forms while for others it can be stifling and painful. The important question is does it get in the way of your ability to be playful, joyful and free to be present in your relationships. There are so many ways our inner judge can keep us from really connecting with others.  We can feel it as anxiety and sometimes the disconnection can feel more comfortable than the risk of being seen and vulnerable.   It's possible this also shows up in your life with the belief that you have to push yourself beyond your healthy limits to prove yourself.

Perfectionism is almost always coupled with feelings of not good enough. Depak Chopra in  Tame Your Inner Critic, believes that the Human Energy Field is the starting point of the journey to taming our inner critic. In addition to our physical makeup of bones skin and hair, we are a complex bundle of thoughts, emotions, mind and spirit all of which he describes as residing outside our body as well as within.  In  In her book Hands of Light, Barbara Brennan talks about our aura as "the place where all the emotions, thoughts, memories and behavior patterns we discuss so endlessly in therapy are located."  Change begins as we become more aware of our ability to heal our mind body and spirt and create peace with in our self through going inward and creating awareness of our bio energetic selves.  It is a very powerful tool.

You are meant to do big things and make a difference for others. So why do you feel overwhelmed with the chaos that gets in the way of achieving this?  Or perhaps something else seems to  get in the way of truly being the hero you are meant to be protecting, guiding and leading others? Self esteem plays a huge role in our ability to express ourselves fully and become the expression of our soul we are destined to be.  Playing small might seem safe but you know who you are when I tell you its making you unwell.  You are destined for greatness so its time to own this aspect of yourself and all the good and the bad that comes with it!  Acknowledging  how you might be sabotaging yourself- many times unknowingly, with out the shame and criticism you might have previously assigned yourself, fuels our courage. Remember, courage is not the absence of fear!


You truly love to do things for other people so why are you so frustrated?  It brings you so much happiness to make others happy  yet you see patterns in your life of being unappreciated.  While you may have felt anger or resentment over this, it is so challenging to express it and likely you end up turning anger on yourself.  Do you find that you put others before yourself too often? This can lead many of us to feel stuck in life and unable to express our anger outward. Perhaps seeking out side your self to find answers and make decisions or to decide how you think and feel.  Suddenly there you are a people loving task master isolating and feeling powerless. 


Many of us can identify with one of these above statements as they represent critical issues that arise when we are not connected to our core selves.

We are more likely living life on autopilot unaware of the box we have created which keeps us from truly growing, loving and attracting all that we are.  The construction of this box begins early.  We continue to fill it our whole life with beliefs about who we should be and who others should be. Then, we look outside ourselves to feel less trapped.  Engaging in the process of Energy Therapy opens the door to possibility and supports us in searching within ourselves for the answers we seek.