$145  90 minute in person Energy Therapy Session

This gives us the opportunity to really explore whats at the heart of the matter and release the emotional weight that can keep you stuck as you face life's transitions.  We will begin with therapy to hold space for whats most meaningful and follow with the healing modality that will best serve you.  No matter what brings you in, this is the best option for those seeking the biggest impact of healing in their lives. Contemplation and expression of thoughts and feelings in themselves are vital to the healing process and the process of change. Use of meditation and other tools also increase the creation of stillness and space for an Energy Healing to have a deeper more meaningful effect.  Whatever your individual mind body spirit needs are, this allows us the opportunity to explore them.


$95 60 Minute Energy Healing Session

This is a great "tune up" and a quick way to release the blocks and stagnant/low energy baggage that slows us all down.  This is  good for those that might want to space out therapy and receive Energy Healings in between sessions.  I also recommend this option for those who want to do an energy healing while working with another therapist. These sessions are highly focused as we identify how the session will best meet your needs and let that inform the healing.

I especially recommend  selecting this option if you are dealing with health issues and are spacing out therapy. Like anything in nature, things with the greatest impact usually take time and persistence.  While some may have very clear changes immediately, others may take persistence.  


$95  60 minute phone or Skype session

This will include a five to ten minutes of exploring what is contributing to the issues at hand or what ever life is throwing at you! Followed by a healing. I do require that we talk after the healing for five minutes to check in and share any feedback that might have come from the session.


Interested in giving the gift of healing?

Gift Certificates are available for the 50 minute Energy Healings!  Just fill out the contact form and request a gift certificate. 



I do not take insurance or work with insurance companies at this time.


Flex Spending

All services are likely covered with in the health initiative of Flex Spending.  Should you and your employer have a flex spending plan for pre tax dollars, you may be able to use this account for reimbursement. While, I have not seen any issues using this benefit to cover the cost of an appointment, I recommend confirming this with your HR or the benefit provider.

Cash or Credit accepted.  Payment due at time of service. 

If you are scheduling a Skype or phone session, you will be prompted to enter payment information upon checkout.


"I am so honored to begin this new journey together. One of the greatest pieces of wisdom that I have learned is that my clients are also my greatest teachers.  I am confident our work together will bring meaningful change."