Frequently asked questions...  

What is Reiki?

Reiki is an ancient Japanese form of healing therapy where the practitioner is attuned by a Reiki Master allowing them to tap into QI, universal life force energy that makes up all living beings.  The practitioner of Reiki becomes a vessel for this energy assisting them in clearing low vibrational energy and restoring balance. 

How does Reiki work?

The Reiki practitioner uses this QI energy, which often is described visually as pure white light, and places hands on or near (or far in long distance healings) the individual. Reiki works in hand with the energy of the chakras. A chakra is a spinning wheel of energy and is commonly referred to as the computers of our energy bodies.  Each of our seven chakras tell our story.  Know thy chakras, know they self! Using Reiki, a practitioner can many times detect whether a chakra is deficient or excessive and intuitively access information which will help bring light to the issues a client is facing causing these imbalances.  For more information on Chakras  click on the link here:


What should I expect during a session? 

During a 75 minute Energy Therapy session  we will spend the first half of our session exploring what feels most meaningful to you.  We may also include experiential work such as guided mediation, Tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique) and other tools that can greatly help decrease stress and the intensity of the issues you may be facing. This will also inform the  second half of our session where you will lie on a comfortable massage table (fully clothed). We may do a brief guided meditation or breath work. Energy is chanelled through the hands which will be gently placed on or near your body. There is nothing for you to do but to relax more deeply.  Many people feel different sensations of heat traveling the body or see colors as we work with the chakras.  Sometimes intuitive/ empathic people may experience a spiritual connection and receive messages that help provide clarity. As we end with a clearing and restoring of your energy system intuitive information from the session will be shared.  

During a 50 minute Energy Healing session we will spend the first five to ten minutes discussing what is coming up for you and assessing what your healing needs are.  After the healing we will touch base and share any information that has come from the session.

How will I feel after?  

Most people feel pretty darn good at the end of a session!  There is usually a sense of relief in some manner.  The purpose of Reiki is not only to heal disfunction and dis-ease in the body but also to restore and promote soulful wellness, joy and the inner stillness that occurs when we are fully inhabiting our bodies- mindfully vs funneling all our energy toward the overactive brain! This is the recipe for healing!

That said, for some especially those with chronic illness or an overload of pathogens to the system, a Herxheimer reaction can occur. This is a short term detoxification reaction in the body that can lead to flu like symptoms.  If you suffer from chronic illness such as Lyme Disease, Cancer and even Candida,  you unfortunately know what I am talking about here.  We will tailor each session to minimize this issue.  

With this in mind I do encourage all my clients to follow a session with a 20 minute detox bath.  There are so many reasons to take a hot bath (but not too hot).  The least of which is producing a fever environment in the body to aid in the process of killing off pathogens that are prevalent.  During the second phase of a bath we also start to sweat.  You just don't know it as you are sitting in a tub of water! But this sweating is another important way to detox the body. I recommend a few options to create a detox bath but a very simple one includes water and 1-2 cups himilayan salt or epson salt.  Always consult with your doctor if there is any question of this being a healthy option for you.

 How often should I schedule appointments for energy therapy?

Reiki and most of the energy healing techniques I employ are subtle yet powerful.  Our mind and body have deep memory for the issues that bring you to therapy.  It may be that you are trying to clear issues you have had since you can last remember. It took years to develop the dis-ease and disfunction in our mind body spirit connection so it wont likely go away with one session. Once we leave the office and enter the world it takes time for this beautiful shift to grow stronger than your habit of triggers.  Therefore,  those people wanting to experience deeper healing and lasting change I recommend sessions weekly or bi weekly. For those people looking to do a "tune up" version then I reccommend every three weeks.