My story healing Chronic Lyme Disease

I share this as I hope it will help others who are feeling trapped by their Lyme diagnosis.   I became passionate about the role our bio energetic field plays within our bodies after I was diagnosed with Lyme.  I was out for a run one morning and suddenly my leg became numb. There I was, dragging what felt like a heavy tree stump for a half mile up hill until I made it home. Of course, this was the one morning I left with out my cell phone.  Of course.  I was fortunate though, for me the numbness was temporary.   However, that was not the first symptom or the last. Like many auto immune diseases Lyme is a special kind of ninja warrior. 

Now, I realize I am about to tell you a nice neat story of my lyme recovery but the reality of being sick was truely unbelievable.  Little did I know when I received the diagnosis that the worse was yet to come.  Because if you have experience with Lyme Disease you know that the only  thing worse is trying to kill it. Lyme spirochetes (which are the little stealth buggers that are the bacterium ) are neuro toxic. The myriad of symptoms that came next were baffling.  There were moments I was scared that I was not going to make it through the night due to intense heart palpatations and plummeting blood pressure. I was frequented by a couple of  Lyme's best friends:  Epstein Bar Virus and Candida.  Both of which complicated recovery.  Due to the Candida my doctor and I felt antibiotics would have reeked havoc and made things worse.  Candida symptoms can be as tricky and exhaustive as Lyme. I wasn't sure which one was responsible for my five cracked teeth, astounding vitamin deficiency along with the 20 other things on my list of bizarre and scary happenings ... well we may never know.   So I committed to seeing an herbalist and prayed I was making the right choice.  Its such a hard one, especially as a mom of two little boys.  

Turns out that Lyme Disease had been doing its ninja thing for about fifteen years.  Fifteen years?  Apparently, my test detected a coinfection that was only transmitted by ticks in the western mountain range.  So I calculated the math to when I lived out in Colorado and suddenly it was like a light had beamed down and highlighted all the weird and unexplained issues I have had for so long! One of which was being covered in hives every day for 6 years! But I did not remember the tell tale bullseye rash at first.  Until one night I had a dream where I was talking about this rash on my arm with an old friend/roomate and when I woke up the memory was clear as day.   I shot out of bed soaked  in sweat.. which was normal those days. Strangely, the dream/memory felt like some sort of a victory. I think so many of us with Lyme are constantly questioning the diagnosis. Every other day I was certain I had MS or that something huge and ugly was being overlooked. So this was a small piece of sanity, almost heavenly concrete.   I flashed back 15 years to the round red rash  on my arm and my roommate who thought my new dog had given me ring worm or some  strange freakish disease. Back then I  went to the doctor and she told me it was likely a spider bite.  If it didn't go away call her back.   Thats one call I never made and wish I had.   


 However, the real story here was my recovery.  I was begining to become good friends with despair, pain and a chronic fatigue that is like nothing you can imagine until you experience it. I had been staring at 15-20 droppers of fowl tasting herbs three times a day not to mention the slew of pills and supplements which ruled my days. On those special days I was determined to get out, I would drive places and sleep in the parking lot only to decide I couldn't possibly fester the energy to leave my car so I'd just drive back home. Somehow, however, I managed to find myself in the office of a Intuitive energy healer my friend insisted I see.  This was pivital to my story as she invited me to her Reiki class which eventually impacted my life in a big way.

I crawled into this night time Reiki class shaky, twitchy and exhausted and I left feeling like I was sixteen again.  No joke.  I remember singing  like I was on American Idol my whole way home. It was crazy!  How did this happen?  Would it last?

Well no, not at first.  However, each class I took I saw  changes in my health.  More importantly, I began to learn about the energetically invasive nature of lyme disease and how it particularly favors  Empathic people.  I learned how things like energetic boundaries and emotions play a role in why two people can be infected and only one might get sick.  I read fascinating research about hands near healing and  met others with incredible stories and boom there it was. I could no longer practice therapy the same way. I could no longer go about life the same way either. I joined a three year Energy Medicine School to add to the other incredible healing modalities I had begun training in since 2012.  Combining meditation, biofeedback, Reiki, EM, Fullspectrum Helaing and Tong Ren I found my way through a dark place.  

I can tell you whole heartedly that I believe energy medicine is moving toward the forefront of healing of our bodies and our lives. I now know that wrapped up in this crazy experience I've been given a gift. I realize I can say this now as I have my health back. For those that don't, I know how desperate and scared you may feel.  Will I ever be the same? Probably not.  I know the signs that show me its time to look at how I am caring for myself and how much energy I am putting into my own wellness. My body keeps me informed. Through my own healing,  I now have a deeper understanding of the mind body spirit connection,  an unstoppable curiosity and a renewed passion to help others heal.