Programs and classes


Are you interested in bringing an impactful and healing program to your space?  

 Just contact Michelle at Sage and Stone and we can discuss your vision and tailor a program that will be most meaningful to you!  


Patriots Day of Pampering For Women Battling Breast Cancer

Whew, what a day!  Imagine spending the day receiving a Reiki healing and being pampered in a luxury box office surrounded by glass, overlooking the vibrant green field at Gillette Stadium! And while that was a pretty cool backdrop to harnessing the energy of Reiki, even more meaningful was the  beautiful and inspiring women I met.  Each of these women were warriors in their fight agianst  Breast Cancer.   What a gift to be part of this opportunity!   Each woman was picked for a day of healing, rejuvenating and reconnecting with spirit, mind and body. Now, was anybody bothered by Tom Brady....

Sage and Stone teams up with One Mission supporting families fighting pediatric cancer

 Sage and Stone is offering a special discount to those families who work with One Mission. The goal of this union is to help support parents of children in recovery to reconnect and remember who they are on a deeper spiritual level and begin their own journey of healing.



Reiki classes

Reiki I and II are one of the few forms of energy healing that you can use on  yourself.  It is an amazing  healing tool and once attuned it can be used on family, friends, children, pets and yes, even plants.   Reiki can also  be performed in person or long distance.  Reiki III is a Master level attunment and is for those who wish to go deeper into this healing craft.  Receiving  the Master Reiki healer training enables you  to create a business and share this healing with the world.


IN circle

 When a group of women share space creating, exploring and connecting something very powerful occurs. This power has been brewing in circles since the ancient days. Sage and Stone will be offering retreats in service of creating powerful healing experiences coupling mixed healing modalities and education that inspires growth, change and wellness.  Stay tuned for an announcement of our first destination!